Monday, April 11, 2011

MOAR HIKING - 4/8/11

Went at it once again, at the Infamous Ice Box Canyon. Found some relatively decent "treasures" this time.
Not to mention a random rope hanging off a cliff side we went ahead and decide to climb leading the one of the most peaceful and transient places I've ever seen.

See those little people down there?
They didn't wanna come with me. D=
And they Missed this..... ;)

I've been thinking about perhaps bringing my little Sony Bloggie with me and trying to see if I remember to actually record these things when I go every week. Might be a bit more interesting to look at no?


  1. Well hey at least you found something cool, right? At least I thought the right picture was cool. :s

  2. Videos do sound more interesting.

  3. I love hiking and you are so lucky to get to see all these sites. I've hiked all over Arizona and a lot Of korea. What was your most exotic place?

  4. That one picture looks like a painting. Fabulous!